“We believe in touring,” says Antonio Aguilar.  “We live our lives as musicians.. we’ve run the gamut, slept on couches, slept on floors.. shit- we’ve even slept in rest stops.  You haven’t lived unless you’ve woken up in a shitty rest stop in a van off some freeway on a lost American highway.  We’ve played hundreds and hundreds of shows.  Music chose us, that's our philosophy. I enjoy the release of a live performance as much as I do sitting with a guitar and writing a tune.  They’re two parts to a whole.”

The trio who now reside in sunny Southern California has been unrelenting and uncompromising in their vision. 
Their music incorporates all that's Cali.  Raised in the high desert mountains of California just 30 minutes from the home town of Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart, Antonio Aguilar shares Beefheart and Zappa's air of adventure and uncompromising spirit.  He writes songs that sound like his mountains look: dark, mysterious, dry and powerful.   Each song has a breath of it's own.  You won't find a record where every song sounds alike. In Totimoshi you'll find passion and feeling. Pitchfork said of Totimoshi: “It reaches the luminous place that Charlie Sexton's Under the Wishing Tree occupied, the union of "roots" and "rock.”

Countless reviewers have tried unsuccessfully to pigeonhole this California trio as it's easier to say - "they sound like" or "it's reminiscent of" than it is to listen, comprehend and articulate. “Genres aren’t for us,” says Aguilar . Why?  “Well, because we sound like no one else, never wanted too.  I made up my own tuning.  I basically had to re-learn how to play guitar.  It sets us apart though, all that effort.  No one plays like me.”

Founded in Oakland, CA in 1997 by Aguilar and Meg Castellanos (bass, vocals) Totimoshi went through a slew of drummers before joining visions with Kansas City’s Chris Fugitt. Fugitt, a ferocious drummer who’s part John Bonham, part Keith Moon, and part Elvin Jones further ignited this volcanic trio into what it is today.  Their albums are a journey into the soul. Their live sets are pure energy slowly smoldering into combustion. 

Past releases Mysterioso?, Monolí, Ladrón, and Milagrosa have received countless rave reviews. 
New album AVENGER will no doubt satisfy fans and critics alike. 
Avenger was written and recorded over the course of two years. “ We ran out of money and our label dropped us.  We can’t really stop so it just took longer to get this one done.” The album features rock legends Dale Crover from the Melvins, Brent Hinds from Mastodon, and Scott Kelly from Neurosis.  “We asked some friends to play on our record - and it was exciting to work with them.  We are truly humbled by there presence in our music. We feel that this album is the best work we’ve ever done.  We can’t wait to hit the road.”